Anne of Cleves: The Survivor Queen

Cultural biography of Anne of Cleves to be published with Routledge in 2025 in the “Queens of England” series.

This study will deal thematically with Anne’s cultural impact in England, beginning with her queenship, her patronage, her literary relationships, and the cultural impact of her death and memory. This study intends to re-evaluate many of the misconceptions around Anne, including her religion, her performance of the traditional queenly roles of patronage and intercession, and her legacy.

Mid-Tudor Queenship and Memory

An edited collection focused on the making and re-making of the queenships of Queen Mary I and Lady Jane Gray. Under contract with Palgrave Macmillan’s “Queenship and Power” series. Co-edited with Jessica S. Hower.

This volume will have 11 chapters broken into two sections: Contemporary Perspectives and Representations and Posthumous Perspectives and Representations.

The Tudors, Myth, and Memory: Embroidered Truths and Outright Falsehoods that Influence Popular belief

A collection of seventeen essays co-edited with William Robison.

This volume will describe, analyze, and debunk commonly held, mistaken, and lazily repeated myths that alter, embroider, or exaggerate the truth about real events, individuals, and other elements in Tudor history or that are made up out of whole cloth.

Queen Mary I and Continental Humanism

A collection of fourteen essays co-edited with Ana Saez-Hidalgo.

The purpose of this collection is to investigate the humanism of Mary’s childhood beyond those years and whether that does, or does not, apply during her reign.